Lance Mountain

Blue Tile Obsession

I was thinking about something the other weekend. I was hanging out with Alex Perelson, Josh Stafford and Zach Miller. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to document an entire day with one of these guys?” I started talking to some riders and everyone was stoked on the idea. Yesterday was Lance’s birthday and I spent the entire day rolling around with him. I arrived at his house and documented the day according to whatever he had going. Rather than ramble about it all, I will keep it short and on point. This is the first of several I will be doing from time to time. Thanks to Arto Saari for the portrait and the skate image at his pool. Enjoy- Ozzie

Lance worked on a few projects that required his attention, built a picture frame and drummed a few licks from a Republic song. I told him that I…

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